People's Leasing And Financial Services Limited


Date : 2017-09-19

The 21st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the People's Leasing and Financial Services Limited was held on Tuesday September 19, 2017 at 09.30 a.m. at "RAOWA CONVENTION HALL, ANCHOR, 3rd Floor, VIP Road, Mohakhali, Dhaka -1206". Mr Uzzal Kumar Nandi,FCA, Chairman of the Company presided over the meeting. The Directors, guests and a large number of distinguished shareholders both sponsors and Public Shareholders attended in the meeting.

The Chairman welcomed the distinguished shareholders & guest to the 21st Annual General Meeting. The Chairman informed the shareholders in his speech that amid different economic parameters like- diversification of investment, development of Capital market, tight money market situation- the company tried hard to run in its business operation in proper track for sustainable development during the year 2016. The Chairman highlighted that the company has shifted policy decision to mop up private deposits instead of being dependent on overnight borrowing deposits and term borrowings from Commercial Banks and Financial institutions. The company also took actions to increase investments and reduce impaired assets.

Thereafter the Chairman presented agenda wise topics to the shareholders like- Audit report & Audited financial statements for year 2016, Directors retirement & re-election etc and also placed the Annual Report-2016 including Director's Report. The shareholders also expressed their valuable view and advice on different issues to improve the company and finally approved all agenda of the AGM.  

The Chairman assured the shareholders that the Board of Directors shall continue to work relentlessly to produce a better scenario in the upcoming years.

In conclusion, the Chairman of the company thanked the honorable Shareholders, Clients, Bankers, Regulatory authorities, the Press & electronic media men, online media, Law enforcing agencies and management of RAOWA Convention Hall for their kind support & co-operations. He also thanked the Board members, Managing Director & all officials and staffs of the company for their dedication, loyalty and untiring efforts to keep the company goodwill at high.